2016 Game of the Year Voting

Make Your Picks For The 2016 GOTY Awards

We made it! Another year is coming to a close, and for us that means it’s time to pick the winners (and losers) for the 1st official Fathers of the Grind GOTY Awards. Fathers of the Grind co-hosts Derek Tigue and Tim Nester will pick their personal GOTY winners on the podcast, but the OFFICIAL awards will be decided by you – the community.


There are 2 short ballots to complete (linked below), and all the info you need should be there. [The only required vote is for at least one “Overall Game of the Year” and the rest of the categories are optional]

By submitting BOTH surveys (even if you leave some categories blank, that’s fine), you will be automatically entered to win a gift card to for PSN, Xbox Live, eShop. We will draw for the winner(s) during our GOTY episodes this month, so be sure to listen to see if you are the winner!

Deadline to submit your ballots: Friday, December 9th

Be sure to comment here or email us (fathersofthegrind@gmail.com) with any questions you have about the voting process. Thanks!!

Special thanks to Allen Heinen for his artwork for these awards! You can check out more of his work here


3 Reasons You Should Still Love Your 3DS

The 3DS Isn’t Finished Yet

It remains to be seen what the Nintendo NX will mean for the 3DS system. Rumors continue to swirl about the new hardware, but until the official New Nintendo 3DS XLdetails are revealed, we are left to speculate. One thing that doesn’t require speculation, however, is that the 3DS is alive and better than ever.

I’m going to share 3 reasons that you should still be excited about your handy dandy portable platform.


1. The 3DS 2016 Games Line Up Is Stellar

The games that have already released this year have been superb. Highlighting this fact is the recent release of Fire Emblem Fates – one of the highest-rated and best-selling games the system has had to offer. On a personal note, I’ve been putting several hours into this game, and I can confirm: it has met and exceeded my expectations! (We talk about this in Episode 8 of our podcast, so go check it out!)

fire emblem fates

I’ve also had the chance to play Final Fantasy Explorers, and it is a great mash-up of Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter. It’s a much more accessible game than most MH entries, with a friendlier learning-curve and simpler systems. On the other hand, Continue reading “3 Reasons You Should Still Love Your 3DS”


Metacritic’s Best Games of January 2016

The Best Games of January 2016

Game reviews and scores aren’t the only way to determine if a game is right for you. You could find a trusted site or reviewer and get their insights, but most of us prefer our family and friends’ recommendations. That being said, I’m always interested in reading what the “critics” have to say about media. I regularly visit Rotten Tomatoes for summaries of movie & TV reviews. In some cases, it might influence my viewing decisions, but usually I’m just curious what people are saying about a movie or show I’ve already seen or am planning to see.

The same thing applies to games. While review scores shouldn’t be the only factor in a purchase decision, there are some positive things to garner from reading reviews. What are the major gaming outlets saying? What games have I ignored that might be worth looking into?

MetacriticMetacritic takes a collection of scores from a wide variety of outlets and assigns each game a score average. Does that mean that a game with a Metacritic rating of 80 is a better game than one with a 70 rating? Maybe – but not necessarily. In my experience, however, I tend to agree (within 10-15 points or so) with most Metacritic scores.

When they released their list of top movies, music, and games for January 2016, there were a few surprises. Let’s take a look at what the top 5 games were for each platform in the month of January! Continue reading “Metacritic’s Best Games of January 2016”


Xbox Live Games With Gold – February 2016

Xbox Live Subscribers Rejoice

Each month, subscribers to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service are given access to a new set of games for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. For several months last year, Games with Gold offered the same Xbox One game time after time: Pool Nation FX. No insult to that game or its development team, but it’s nice to see some variation to that lineup in recent months. You can read the full write up over on Major Nelson’s blog, but here are the games:

For Xbox One owners, the Games with Gold for February 2016 are:

xbox one games with gold february 2016

Hand of Fate (normally $19.99) available for download February 1-29

Styx: Master of Shadows (normally $29.99) available Feb. 16 – Mar. 15

For Xbox 360 owners, the Games with Gold for February 2016 are:

xbox 360 games with gold feb 2016

Sacred Citadel (normally $9.99) available February 1-15

Gears of War 2 (normally $19.99) available February 16-29

So what are your thoughts on the games for this month? Let us know in the comments or with the Contact Us form!


PS Plus Free Games – February 2016

Playstation Plus Games for February 2016

Each month, PS Plus subscribers are given access to a new batch of games for the PS4, PS3, and Vita. Although they aren’t yours “forever,” as long as you have an active PS Plus Subscription, access is unlimited. 2015 saw a wide variety of games released, with some months being major highlights over others. For example, in July, Rocket League was launched as a PS Plus game, and it is still a popular game with a large player base. As a side note, it was one of our GOTY contenders in 2015! (Check out part 2 of our premiere podcast episode for our top 10 games in 2015)

Before we look at the upcoming month of games, be sure to hop onto the PS Store on or before Feb 1 to download the PS Plus games from January! If you haven’t done that yet, go do it now. Go ahead, we’ll wait.
Done? Ok, good work!

On February 2, players will be able to download the following games:

  • Grid Autosport, PS3
  • Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back , PS4, PS3, PS Vita
  • Lemmings Touch, PS Vita
  • Nom Nom Galaxy, PS4
  • Nova-111, PS Vita
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, PS3

You can head over to the Playstation Blog for full details, or check out their video below:

What do you think about these games? Which ones will you be jumping into this month? Let us know in the comments!


Mighty No. 9 Delayed Again

3rd Delay’s A Charm For Mighty No. 9?

When Mighty No. 9 was delayed the first time, most fans forgave the change and were content to wait until it was ready. When it was delayed a second time, the frustration began to build, but many people were willing to give the benefit of the doubt to a developer with a solid track record.

What about when a game’s release date is changed a 3rd time? Not only has Mighty No. 9 been delayed AGAIN, but now it’s February 9th release date has been changed to “Spring 2016.”


In a post on their kickstarter page, the game’s creator, Keiji Inafune, posted an explanation and apology to fans. He sites problems with matchmaking as the major reason for the delay. The issue is “rooted in bugs inside the network modes,” and “the solution for each platform is slightly different.” Additionally, Inafune states that “the engine we are using is no longer being updated,” which leaves his team the tedious task of making adjustments manually.

Mighty No 9 gameplay
But… I wanted to play this…

To his credit, Inafune takes complete responsibility for this additional delay:

Continue reading “Mighty No. 9 Delayed Again”


Playstation Plus vs Xbox Live Games With Gold – April, 2015

I’m always looking for a deal

So when games are FREE??? Oh, I’m the first in line. I watch the Playstation blog like a hawk to see when they update the upcoming PS Plus deals. I keep my eyes on the headlines about Microsoft’s Games with Gold lineup, so I’m ready to start downloading. Could you say that I’m cheap? A tightwad? Frugal? Poor?

Yes, yes, yes, and kinda.

Well, Microsoft and Sony are offering some great deals for subscribers to their online services. While I’m not usually a participant in the “Console Wars” (I love everyone, you guys), it’s interesting to me to see how the perks compare.

Playstation Plus vs Xbox Live
I’d pay to see that PPV match.

Let’s get to it then: How do the services stack up for April, 2015?

Continue reading “Playstation Plus vs Xbox Live Games With Gold – April, 2015”


Xbox Live: Games With Gold For April

Microsoft isn’t joking around.

In celebration of over 100 million Games with Gold downloads, Microsoft is offering twice the usual number of free games to Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. “We want to celebrate our fantastic Xbox Live community this April, and that’s why we’re so pleased to announce that Games with Gold will offer double the free games.”

Xbox One owners can download the following games FREE all month:

Continue reading “Xbox Live: Games With Gold For April”


Zelda Release Date Pushed Back

2016 is going to be awesome… maybe.

In a move that surprised exactly zero people, Nintendo revealed that releasing the Wii U iteration of The Legend of Zelda before the end of 2015 is “no longer a number one priority.”

Zelda Wii U
I need to play this game.

In a short video announcement released on the Nintendo Europe YouTube page, producer Eiji Aonuma explained the reasoning behind the delay. Continue reading “Zelda Release Date Pushed Back”