Episode 5 (part 1) – Fathers of the Grind Podcast

Fathers of the Grind Podcast Episode 5 is here! In part 1, we will cover the games we are currently playing as well as our personal gamer goals for the month of February. “Four in February” is a challenge that many in our community are taking on to complete 4 games from our ever-growing backlog of games. Which games are Tim and Derek hoping to complete in February?

We read some of the awesome Ridiculous Game Ideas from the community, so thank you all for participating!

There was a ton of gaming news this week, so we cover a few of those topics as well as Metacritic’s top-rated games for January.

Stay tuned for part 2 next week where we discuss February’s game releases as well as a special topic about open world games. As always, thanks for the support!

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