Family Gaming Update: What We Are Playing

A family that games together…

1912136_989415088484_5293135678435326793_oIt goes without saying that I am an avid gamer. I like to play video games. Then I talk about them. Then I write about them. Then I start the cycle over again. IT’S SO FUN! (Yes, I’m a child.)

Fortunately for me, I’m not the only gamer in my household! Here is an update on what the rest of my family is playing:

The Wife: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

Although she doesn’t regularly play games, when she does, she has a penchant for side-scrolling platformers. Whether it’s one of the many Mario games or something from the Donkey Country Country series, she knows how to jump on enemies’ heads with the best of ’em. (For the record, she beat New Super Mario Bros. Wii before I did. She’s a champion.)

The Eldest Son: Monopoly (2DS & Xbox 360)

Kid Playing 2DSI’m holding out hope that this kids becomes a real estate tycoon someday. He just turned 8, and he is well on his way to mastering the art of the trade. Some of his wheelings and dealings are less than “above board,” but impressive nonetheless. He likes most genres of games, but Monopoly has his full attention these days. He’s also learned the hard truth that losing at Monopoly is more painful than most games.

The Second Born: New Super Mario Bros. (DS)

There’s a special moment in a child’s life when he discovers the “run button” in a Mario game. When our 5-year-old found out that you can run faster than normal by holding Y… his mind was blown. Next step: learn how to hold the run button while jumping. Stay tuned.

Kids playing DS
Serious concentration happening right now.

 The Twins: Plants vs Zombies (DS)

No, just because they are twins does not mean that they do everything together. At this point, however, they have both developed an affection for the same game. What began as a favorite game to “watch Daddy play on his phone” soon turned into birthday gifts for these 4-year-olds. They each have their own DS lite with a copy of PvZ… and they love it.When the boys see a zombie devoured by a Chomper plant, they shout, “HA! Chomped him!” It’s fantastic.

Kids watching iPhone games The Princess: Rayman Legends and Knack (PS4)

Full disclosure: Our 2-year-old doesn’t play video games yet. However, she has developed some preferences! Although she does like some Mario and Donkey Kong games, it seems that Knack and Rayman have captured her imagination. She even does the Rayman victory dance when I’ve successfully collected 600 lums in a level.

My family loves gaming! It’s been a great way for us to laugh and have fun together – especially on bad weather days. What does your family play?


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