My PS4 Is Stealing My Sleep

My battle against sleep

That is a tad misleading: I don’t actually battle sleep. I simply avoid it in the name of entertainment. Therein lies the issue: I become a lesser version of myself when I am tired.


Jerry Seinfeld knows what I’m talking about.

I’m cranky when I’m tired. For example, my 4-yr-old son was singing the first line of The Itsy-Bitsy Spider over and over and over and over… at the top of his lungs.

Cheerful, well-rested Tim’s response: laugh heartily and capture it on video to share with the world.

Cranky, tired Tim’s response: Demand silence and crush his joyful spirit. (Okay, I’m not THAT cruel, but you get the point)

Right when I think I’m out, they pull me back in

There was a stretch of a few months this past year that I was going to bed at a decent hour. I was racking up between 6-8 hours of sleep most nights. Of course, there were a few exceptions on nights that I was binge watching Homeland or Boardwalk Empire, but for the most part, my head hit the pillow before midnight.

Then my PS4 arrived.

I’ve been up until 1:00 am (or later) every night since then. There’s always one more goal to score… One more boss to fight… One more clicker to hide from…

I think any new gaming system has the potential to keep me awake, but right now: my PS4 is stealing my sleep.

Check out my series of posts called “What I’m Playing” for a more details about what is causing me to lose the Z’s. Until then, tell me what keeps you up past a reasonable hour.


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