Playstation 4 v2.50 Update Goes Live

The Latest PS4 Firmware Update Has Arrived

Today Sony rolled out their latest system update for the PS4. It was 5 months ago that we saw update v2.0 introduce features like the ability to listen to music through a USB connection, Share Play, home screen themes, and YouTube support.

PSN Update

You’re Suspended

In v2.50, there will be an “onslaught of features,” according to the Official Playstation Blog. The most talked about addition is the ability to Suspend and Resume most games from Rest Mode. This will be a welcome feature for games that take a disproportionate amount of time to get into the actual game world (I’m looking at you, EA Sports games. All of you.)

Live Together or Die Alone

Sony has made a point to improve the social experience on PSN with each update, and v2.50 continues that trend. Expect a slew of improvements to the way you can find, view, and request friends on PSN. The social features are becoming more streamlined to allow you to find friends more quickly using your linked Facebook account as well as a simpler Real Name Requests process. There are now fewer hoops to jump through to find, request, and start gaming with friends.

A Refined Trophy Case

For Sony console gamers, trophies are a source of pride and provide a feeling of accomplishment. Several new features provide tools for sharing and organizing trophies. Most notably, Sony has added the ability to delete 0% games from the trophy list, and this has brought much rejoicing.

For the full details on this update, head over to the Playstation Blog.


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