Playstation Plus vs Xbox Live Games With Gold – April, 2015

I’m always looking for a deal

So when games are FREE??? Oh, I’m the first in line. I watch the Playstation blog like a hawk to see when they update the upcoming PS Plus deals. I keep my eyes on the headlines about Microsoft’s Games with Gold lineup, so I’m ready to start downloading. Could you say that I’m cheap? A tightwad? Frugal? Poor?

Yes, yes, yes, and kinda.

Well, Microsoft and Sony are offering some great deals for subscribers to their online services. While I’m not usually a participant in the “Console Wars” (I love everyone, you guys), it’s interesting to me to see how the perks compare.

Playstation Plus vs Xbox Live
I’d pay to see that PPV match.

Let’s get to it then: How do the services stack up for April, 2015?

Playstation Plus Freebies for April, 2015

Free Games - PS Plus - April 2015
Total Savings: $110.94 || Average Metacritic Rating: 75

There’s some good variety in this list including shooters, stealth action, and puzzle platforming. Check out my review of Aaru’s Awakening for an idea of how the new titles are shaping up.

With total savings over $100 and an average Metacritic score of 75, Sony is putting forward a solid lineup this month. What about the competition?

Xbox Live Games with Gold for April, 2015

Free Games - XBox Live - April 2015
Total Savings: $113.94 || Average Metacritic Rating: 77

Microsoft isn’t joking around with their offers either! Also tallying over $100 of savings and an average Metascore rating of 77, Xbox Live users have plenty to be excited about.

And the winner is…

XBOX LIVE – Games With Gold

With a slight edge in savings and average rating, Microsoft is offering some true classics for free. While the unknown games in Sony’s lineup may end up being quite good, they will have trouble stacking up against masterpieces like AC Black Flag and Child of Light.

Whichever system you own, make sure you download your free games this month. Then let me know in the comments what titles you’re enjoying the most!


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