Saying Goodbye To Old Game Consoles

All good things must come to an end.

My Xbox 360 is still sitting in its usual spot in my entertainment unit, and it’s getting awkward. I have SO many games downloaded on that system, but I have no idea if I’ll go back to them. It’s like the old veteran on the team who doesn’t get much playing time anymore, but nobody wants to tell him he should retire. “I’m still important! I’m the soul of this team! Right, guys? …Guys?”

I'm kind of a big deal

So as I begin to contemplate “life after the 360,” it reminded me of the times I’ve said goodbye to old consoles over the years. You see, I’ve never seen myself as a collector, and while there are certainly some consoles & games I wish I would have held on to, there is something to be said about letting go of old stuff that holds no sentimental (or actual) value. Here are the consoles I’ve said “Game Over” in my lifetime.

Atari 2600 – Probably in a landfill

Christmas of 1987, my older brother got an Atari 2600 with a box full of game cartridges. While most kids had already moved on to the NES, we rocked that Atari until we got our SNES in 1993. I really wish I still had that console, but alas, the Atari was sold for a few measly bucks at a yard sale.

Mario land 2Game Boy – My first portable gaming machine

I remember begging my parents for my own Game Boy. I was tired of asking my older brother if I could borrow his. My family finally relented, and I got a Game Boy in 1994 with a copy of Speedy Gonzalez and Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. That machine only lasted for 2 years, though, as I would end up buying a Game Boy Pocket with Pokemon Red.

Super Nintendo – The best video game console ever.

Our super Nintendo lasted for over 15 years. Purchased in 1993, our first games for the system were Super Mario World and Final Fight. This is the console that turned me into a lifelong gamer with titles like Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Actraiser. Although we ended up giving it away to some friends in need, our old SNES will always hold a place in my heart as my favorite console.

Nintendo 64 – Paid for with lawn mowing money

I was proud of my N64. I bought it myself with money earned from months and months of yard work. The first games I bought were Super Mario 64 and Wave Race. I’m not sure what happened to this console after I moved away from home. It might still be boxed up at my parents’ house, so maybe it’s time to go digging…

Super Mario 64
Oh, that first time playing this game… I may or may not have run in circles for 20 minutes straight.

Playstation – The original Sony machine

One of my closest childhood friends gave me his PS1 when he bought a PS2. Sure, I was a little late to the party, but I wanted to play the RPG’s that the N64 never had! In the end, I gave this system back to that same friend (who began to regret giving away his old console).

Game Boy Advance – Can I get a light?

This system had a GREAT library of games, but it was a poorly designed unit. You need an over-the-shoulder spotlight just to see it. Fortunately, Nintendo released some much-improved versions of this handheld, and GBA games could be enjoyed without needing some wonky headlight add-on. I gave my GBA to my little brother, who used it twice before selling it. Clearly, he loved it.

Playstation 2 – I never should have let you go

I miss you.

Other than my SNES, there’s no greater regret I have with my gaming experience than selling my PS2. One of the biggest draws was that it was backwards compatible with most PSOne games, so this is where I first experienced games like Final Fantasy IX and Parasite Eve. I had an incredible library of PS2 games, and I sold the entire bundle to buy a Wii. Oh, the sadness! Don’t get me wrong – the Wii was console worth purchasing, but I should have found another way to buy it. Selling my PS2 was a bad move.

Nintendo DS – a.k.a. “The Tank”

Just like the GBA, the DS was a clunky 1st draft from Nintendo. The follow-up iterations proved to be much more intuitive and user-friendly. My kids all have DS Lite systems now, and those are lite years (get it??) ahead of the original design. I kept all of my games for the DS, but the system itself was passed on to my eldest son. Now that he has a 2DS, the original DS is lost in a box somewhere in our house. It’s as good as gone.

Still can’t say goodbye.

Although I’ve bid adieu to several machines, there are a few that are still part of the family. Here are the consoles I still have:

Game Boy Advance SP (Rarely played anymore, but works great!)

Nintendo 3DS XL (Regularly played. I love this handheld.)

Nintendo Wii (Still kicking. And we still play our Wii!)

Xbox 360 (Our default DVD player. It is also home to over 50 downloaded games from XBL, so it doesn’t feel right to say goodbye just yet.)

Playstation 4 (This is my bright, shiny, new toy. It’s like my 6th child. It was a hard choice between this and the Xbox One, but I posted a deeper explanation a few weeks ago about why I bought a PS4.)

What systems have you sent out the door? Are there any that you regret letting go?


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